Behind the Glass Ceiling

So much has been written about gender equality that you cannot read everything and, frankly, it's not worth doing it. But from time to time you find some interesting new angle.

For example, to know what male managers really think of the promotions progress of women to executive positions in companies: I mean, what they "really" think, beyond the "politically correct" position by which everyone, in public, shows favourable.

Understanding what ideas are behind the "glass ceiling" (that invisible barrier that hinders the arrival of more women to managerial positions) is the focus of a report published in March 2010 by the German Family Ministry (BMFSFJ are its acronyms in German). 

The overview is entitled Women in Executive Positions: Barriers and Bridges and collects the conclusions of more than 500 men and women managers of large and medium companies’ survey through interviews. In all cases, the participants had positions of responsibility with teams of at least 20 people under their supervision.

The results of the survey showed that all the participants agreed on the strategic value of the presence of women in the top management, but nevertheless, they had serious doubts about the possibility of achieving real progress.

Within the men’s’ group, several preconceived ideas were identified that contribute to the glass ceiling ...