Synergy, commonly, reflects a phenomenon by which several factors or effects act together, reflecting an effect of a joint or overlapping action, that none of the systems could have generated if acting separately.

When the elements of this system act in concert, the target is positive, will indicate a more favourable result. We say there is positive synergy when "the result is greater than the sum of the results of each element acting separately.

As a general rule, the positive consequences of the synergy will be noticed and detected by our close or daily social environment. 

In our particular case, the synergy for a positive change and a good behavioural evolution, thoughts, reception and projection is carried out in simple steps:

- Learn to listen to our body - Physiotherapy

- Learn to observe and discover - The Enneagram

- Learn to relax and balance our cerebral hemispheres - Hemi-Sync

- Learning to have positive thoughts - The Law of Attraction